Threads, Tkinter and asynchronous I/O

Threads, Tkinter and asynchronous I/O – an idiom I think I should try to grok.

Gimboland goes Wayback

Gimboland history at Alexa’s Wayback Machine.

ADSL with Linux at home

Joyously, I got my home ADSL connection working with Linux last night, using the open source drivers. I’m pleased to report that all went well, the instructions were easy to follow, and the solution is “nice” (eg doesn’t involve patching the kernel). So it’s no more Windows(TM) rubbish for me any more, buddies… :-)

Unix Programming FAQs

Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions including How do I get my program to act like a daemon? – groovy.

The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble – some lovely images of the Earth from space.

I think it was Arthur C. Clarke who said, “why do we call it Earth when it’s obvious it should be Ocean?”… I like that.

Not actually part of the Blue Marble pages, but here are some really nice satellite images. Examples: Cornwall, Kathmandu, Bernese Alps (including Eiger), pyramids at Giza, Nasca lines in Peru, Mongolia, and of course, The Great Wall.

Firs photos of Adam Gimblett

My brother Michael, the pround father, has sent me some photos of my brand new nephew Adam – sweet! Once again, congratulations to Mike and Claire!



The Lincoln-Douglas Debates in IM

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates (as conducted over AOL Instant Messenger). [greg]

Predicting America’s next attack

Predicting America’s next attack – bombs away! [greg]

Note the lack of countries in the bottom-left quadrant…

Cryptology – wo!

Loads of cryptology stuff – thanks Malc.

Yegods, the insanity!

I think it’s obscene that ZDNet refer to someone who says “HTTP … is the only way to get an a reliable end-to-end connection over the Internet” as a “guru“.

RIP Spike Milligan. :-(

RIP Spike Milligan. :-(

Python DB stuff

Some interesting python database related items I should check out when I have time (ie never, probably):

Database Objects – “a dynamic object-oriented, repository based layer on top of the Python DB-API II spec.”

Gadfly – “a collection of python modules that provides relational database functionality entirely implemented in Python.”

MetaKit – “takes the middle ground between RDBMS, OODBMS, and flat-file databases – yet it is quite different from each of them.”

Glitches en matrix

Routing issues have prevented me getting onto Blogger lately. Now resolved, ie I’m Back. :-)

An Introduction to Tkinter

An Introduction to Tkinter.

UK Curling Wenches, we salute you!

UK Curling Wenches, we salute you.


Heard an article on Radio 4 last night about bootleg mixing, where two completely different records are mixed together to produce something new.

The canonical example is Freelance Hellraiser’s Stroke of Genie-us, which combines the guitar riff from The StrokesLast Night with the vocal of Christina Aguilera‘s Genie In A Bottle. I grabbed a copy off gnutella today and I’ve been listening to it non-stop – it’s fantastic.

Interested? Check out The Next Thing Isn’t Always Big for a snapshot of the scene today. Apparently.

The Snack sound toolkit

The Snack sound toolkit.

The combination of Snack and a scripting language makes it possible to create sound tools and applications with a minimum of effort. This is due to the rapid development nature of scripting languages. As a bonus you get an application that is cross-platform from start. It is also easy to integrate Snack based applications with existing sound analysis software.

Continuations made simple and illustrated

Continuations made simple and illustrated.

comp.lang.python kitty quote

Seen on comp.lang.python: “Maybe compared with Perl, where if your cat sits on the keyboard, the resulting code is as likely to run as anything you write.

Lord Of The Rings meets Blackadder

Lord Of The Rings meets Blackadder – excellent. [null]

Reminds me: I’m currently reading Bored Of The Rings for the first time since I was about twelve, and I’m pleased to report that it’s still reducing me to tears quite regularly…

Search pi for strings

Search pi for strings.

Curling rules

Curling rules.

Save the cats from the toilets!

Save the cats from the toilets! [popbitch]

Born to curl

Born to curl. Combining the intrigue of chess, the precision of marbles and the work ethic of Hilda Ogden, curling is so deadly it makes crown green bowling look like Rollerball.

Mmmmm, discharge

Went to see my GP this morning, and was very confused by the way she kept referring to snot as “watery discharge”…

The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick

The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick – unmissable if you’re a “Dick head”. [robot]

Knots are quantised!

Groovy New Scientist article which Phil pointed me out: Knots are quantised. Barmy.

Want more knot theory? How about Warwick University‘s MA3F2 Knot Theory course – all notes online! Writhe is defined here. I can just about follow this, but once again, I say, barmy.

QA Confidential – awesome and strange

Get on over and read QA Confidential at Leisuretown right now. Seriously. :-)

Actually, if you haven’t got a good half hour or so, don’t, because it’s rather long. But do write “QA Conf” on a post-it note and stick it to your monitor to remind you to read it later. Perhaps over a sandwich. Go on, spoil yourself…

Yay, I’m an uncle!

The other big news is that today I became an uncle for the first time! My sister-in-law, Claire, gave birth to a 7lb boy at about 3:30 this afternoon. Bookies’ favourite is currently “Adam” but that might change. Congratulations, Mike and Claire, and thanks – now I get to be a mad-haired Uncle Andrew, like in The Magician’s Nephew.

Gibbering and raving in Cornwall

Well, I’ve just got back from my parents’ house in Cornwall after spending most of Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday laid up in bed with tonsilitis. The best part was the fever and delirium on Sunday night, when my mind tried its hardest to turn itself into a computer program for solving the problem of Jack The Ripper. Pleasant. I’m pretty much better now, thanks to the modern miracle that is antibiotics. Complete the course, people!

I’d gone to Cornwall for a celebration (on Sunday) of my grandmother’s 90th birthday (on Tuesday). I missed the celebration because I was in bed, sweating and gibbering quietly, but did get so see Nan on her actual birthday, so I guess that made up for it. Missed out on lots of great food though… :-(

Regarding Jack The Ripper: my delirium was certainly inspired by seeing the movie From Hell, on Saturday afternoon, which was a big mistake anyway, because it sucked big time. Ian Holm was very good as Dr Gull, but the script was ham-fisted, Johnny Depp was very disappointing, and worst of all, well, why the hell do Hollywood have to turn everything into a bloody love story? I mean, come on, you have these five East End prostitutes, and four of them are as “raggedy-arsed” (to quote Neil Gaiman) as you’d expect, but there’s this one pristine beauty (Heather Graham) with gorgeous hair and flawless skin, and it’s just so AAAAARRRRGH! I mean, love interest? In a Jack The Ripper movie? I really hope the book isn’t so agonisingly contrived – surely not, Mr. Moore?

Some NTK goodies

Goodies via ntk: The Sentinel Chess Set, The Jim Royle Comedy Machine.

The origins of object-orientation

How object-oriented programming started. [slashdot]

Love’s not just blind, it’s deaf too

Love’s not just blind, it’s deaf. [robot]

Percentage of unique words in lyrics. Average word length. Frequency of “love”, “heart” and “baby”. These were the criteria used by a US study of boy, girl and teen bands. The researchers picked albums by four of the biggest pop acts around – Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and ‘N Sync – and pitted them against an album by Pink Floyd, their musical opposite.

From Hell, the Freemason perspective

Here’s a short but fascinating discussion of Alan Moore‘s From Hell by an American Freemason, concentrating on the negative attitudes towards Masonry the book/film may inspire.

webloggers webring go pop?

Hmmm, the webloggers webring seems to have disappeared into the ether. Distressing.

HTML Hell from Eric Raymond

HTML Hell from Eric Raymond. Good points one and all, with the possible exception of the hit-counter moan. I like my hit counter. It tells me if anyone else is looking at my site without all that tedious mucking about with apache logs. By the way, on the whole, no-one else is looking at my site, it seems. ;-)

Doesn’t fit? Wrong colour? Ate your family?

Doesn’t fit? Wrong colour? Ate your family? Excellent.

Superbowl adverts

Might have to have a look at this later, from home: Superbowl ads [blah].

Later… OK, took a look at a few of them. I really liked “Mini Fridge”, “Card”, “Hank Aaron”, and “Parrot”. “Satin Sheets” was OK. “Clydesdales” was self-indulgent senti-patriotic-mental crap, as far as I could make out.

“Kevin Bacon” is good, but only if you’ve seen this. Watch the ad first, then follow the “this” link.

emacs plus python equals pleasure

My two favourite pieces of software in the world are python and emacs. Bringing these worlds together, we have pymacs, which “allows Emacs users to extend Emacs using Python, where they might have traditionally used Emacs LISP”. Groovy.

evany still has the goods

evany is always a pleasure to read, though she doesn’t update often. Don’t miss the African Grey story from Tuesday, December 18, 2001. Love it.

Ich bin ein Rivendeller

Apparently, If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Elrond. Who would you be?

Blogger is starting to suck!

Blogger is really starting to piss me off. It keeps telling me it’s published my changes, but it hasn’t. The FTP log even looks like it has, but it hasn’t. If I sign out and sign in again, it works. Gaaah.

This is what science is for

How much porn is there inside a print cartridge? [milk]

We figured the folks at the Davis library would would know where hot scientific erotica belonged according to the Dewey Decimal System.

Random kitten generator

Random kitten generator. [milk]

Cheese racing!

Cheese racing! [ntk] Do NOT attempt ‘indoor cheese racing’. This is strictly an outdoor sport. (This includes tents!)

[ 2002-02-05: Oh wow, I had a cheese racing dream last night. I'd forgotten about it, but just now I re-read this entry and remembered. Can't recall any details, except it was disgusting. :-) ]

Doomed Engineers

Doomed Engineers. [ntk]

I particularly liked Henry Smolinski and Hal Blake’s entry. Known for: winged automobiles. Demise: a suddenly wingless automobile.

Another DeCSS

Another DeCSS. [ntk]

A month will not be enough

A month will not be enough. Trust me, I know about bugs. :-)

More on Black Hawk Down

Both Saviour and Victim – more Black Hawk Down background. [robot]

The special forces, over-confident and hopelessly ill-informed, raided, in quick succession, the headquarters of the UN development program, the charity World Concern and the offices of Médecins sans Frontieres. They managed to capture, among scores of innocent civilians and aid workers, the chief of the UN’s police force.

Excellent advert

It’s a real shame that this is advertising what it is, but this ad is intense and excellent (thanks, Alan).

Groovy toy remote-control submarine from Japan

Groovy toy remote-control submarine from Japan. [robot]

Alan Moore knows the score

Alan Moore knows the score. Two Alan Moore stories via robot wisdom: one, two.

Gimbo tries out the webring concept

Gimboland is now a member of the webloggers webring – navigation links may be found at the bottom of the sidebar. Groovy.

So, I’d like to say hello to, on my left, James at Feed My Head, and on my right, Louise at non-sequitur spanikopitas – a couple of groovy looking sites I’m pleased to meet. :-)