Blink (not 182) – yay

There’s this Irish band called Blink who I’m a bit of a fan of… Saw them live at Cardiff back in my student days (supporting someone – er, Echobelly? – whom they outshone), and their 1994 album, “A map of the Universe by Blink” subsequently became one of my favourites. Alas I lost the CD about four years ago and since they’re fairly obscure, hadn’t picked up a replacement copy though I kept telling myself to do so.

So imagine my surprise and pleasure when my girlfriend told me she’d found the disk in amongst her musicals (which I’m sure I checked)… Had a very happy evening on Friday reacquanting myself with such greats as “Fundamentally Loveable Creature”, “Going to Nepal”, “There’s Something Wrong with Norman’s Mom”, “Is God Really Groovy?” and the incomparable “Separation”. Bloody fantastic.

Here’s another Blink fansite, and the official site, which unfortunately seems very broken.