Badoom – tish!

Apparently someone in Hollywood is making a movie about Harold Shipman, starring Robert de Niro… It’s called The Old Dear Hunter. :-)

Tibet medium formats

Some cool medium format photos of Tibet.

I especially like this one, but then I’m a sucker for portraits.

… intended solely for organisms high enough in the food chain to appreciate the beauty of wanton marine life and hardcore crustacea.

Top tips for gatecrashing

Top tips for gatecrashing.

If you sit in Madonna’s seat, don’t pretend to be Madonna.

Spam Assassin

Spam Assassin

Bug tracking for Linux

Call Center, Bug Tracking and Project Management Tools for Linux, Linux Project Management Tools

The Charlotte Church age-of-consent countdown

The Charlotte Church age-of-consent countdown.

Go to the bathroom now!

Go to the bathroom now!

Alan Turing

Alan Turing. [/.]

More shitty depleted uranium horror being perpetrated in your name

During the Gulf war, Britain and the USA pounded southern Iraq with 96,000 shells containing depleted-uranium. This has resulted in an alarming increase in the incidence of leukemia and of congenital defects (read: “horrendous deformities”) amongst newborns in the area. Best of all, depleted uranium has a half-life of 4.1 million years, so that’s basically it for that part of the world. [rw]

Excuse me, but surely that’s a crime against humanity?

The Complete Sagas of Icelanders

Review of The Complete Sagas of Icelanders – sounds tasty. Now I know what to get my Old-Norse-reading, Egil’s-Saga-enthusing friend Dave for Christmas. :-) [rw]

Exciting opportunities await you!

What job gives you irresistible sexual magnetism, optional anonymity and a comprehensive nervous and physical breakdown? Executioner. [null]

The Story of Eit

Oh wow, here’s a blast from the past… Something I found in my early surfing days and haven’t seen for ages: The Story of Eit [original version]. Classic.

The YETI@home project

The YETI@home project. [ntk]

Virulent Memes and The Null Device

Two new weblogs for me to check out, courtesy of Si: Virulent Memes, and The Null Device – – excellent!

Arafat was actually a stabilising influence?

Does Isreal want Arafat out in order to precipitate a Palestinian civil war? [rw]

Mandrake RPMs

Andy, in case you ever need them again (I hope you don’t), here’s where to get Mandrake 8.1 RPMs.

Naughty children to be registered as potential criminals?

Naughty children to be registered as potential criminals. [ntk]

Mmmmm, crisps…

Slightly over-literal interpretation of the word “crisp” in the BBC’s graphics department, methinks (search for “crisp, clear signals”)… [ntk]



Some python goodies

Some python goodies: Infrequently Answered Questions, notes on the import statement, WeakLists are handy for the publisher/subscriber pattern.

New Orleans is sinking – expect a big flood soon

Don’t miss this story about New Orleans and the trouble it’s in. [rw]

In the face of an approaching storm, scientists say, the city’s less-than-adequate evacuation routes would strand 250,000 people or more, and probably kill one of 10 left behind as the city drowned under 20 feet of water.

… despite the damage [hurricane] Allison wrought upon Houston, dropping more than 3 feet of water in some areas, a few days later much of the city returned to normal as bloated bayous drained into the Gulf of Mexico. The same storm dumped a mere 5 inches on New Orleans, nearly overwhelming the city’s pump system. If an Allison-type storm were to strike New Orleans, or a Category 3 storm or greater with at least 111 mph winds, the results would be cataclysmic, New Orleans planners said.

Blink (not 182) – yay

There’s this Irish band called Blink who I’m a bit of a fan of… Saw them live at Cardiff back in my student days (supporting someone – er, Echobelly? – whom they outshone), and their 1994 album, “A map of the Universe by Blink” subsequently became one of my favourites. Alas I lost the CD about four years ago and since they’re fairly obscure, hadn’t picked up a replacement copy though I kept telling myself to do so.

So imagine my surprise and pleasure when my girlfriend told me she’d found the disk in amongst her musicals (which I’m sure I checked)… Had a very happy evening on Friday reacquanting myself with such greats as “Fundamentally Loveable Creature”, “Going to Nepal”, “There’s Something Wrong with Norman’s Mom”, “Is God Really Groovy?” and the incomparable “Separation”. Bloody fantastic.

Here’s another Blink fansite, and the official site, which unfortunately seems very broken.



A recently rediscovered drawing by Leonardo da Vinci has been destroyed by restorers attempting to clean it. Leonardo’s delicate inkwork was erased when restorers submerged the drawing in a solution of alcohol and distilled water, a common restoration intervention.

How to crash a phone by SMS

How to crash a phone by SMS