History of the concept of an abstract group

History of the concept of an abstract group.

Nonstandard Analysis – The Study of the Infinitely Small

Nonstandard Analysis – The Study of the Infinitely Small – cool little article on the background of calculus, which you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand, provided you’re open to the idea of your head being flipped open and your brains stirred up a bit. Ultrafilters… Mmmmm…

I’m loving wikipedia

I’m loving wikipedia… It’s great! Semi-random sample of stuff I’ve been reading: horse breaking, hyperreal numbers, Simon Magus – and here are some I’ve contributed to: aikido, Moeihei Ueshiba, grue. This thing is insane: anyone can edit anything, completely freely. Mental. Hope it works out…

Tube strikes? Noooo!

I was planning on being in London on Thursday October 18th, so this (and this) is just what I wanted to hear about. Typical! :-)

The Hammer of Justice!

death to the begonias!

Introducing the excellent wikipedia!

Introducing the excellent wikipedia!

Time for some showbiz gossip

Time for some showbiz gossip, courtesy of The Friday Thing:

It’s been an expensive seven days for Albarn-fronted-hairy-cartoon-chart-toppers The Gorillaz who this week spent £20,000 on producing an acceptance speech for The MTV Awards. Damon Albarn (from Blur) and Jamie Hewlett (from Sussex) flew to New York with their high-budget animated epic after being tipped off that their single, ‘Clint Eastwood’ was due to scoop the MTV2 viewers choice award. However, much to their surprise – and everyone else’s amusement – the gong actually went to rivals Mudvayne, leaving the hairy onez red-faced and significantly out of pocket. Of course the whole incident is made even funnier by the fact that the very same Gorillaz turned down their Mercury Music Award nomination last month saying that winning would be like “carrying a dead albatross round your neck for eternity”. Still, the £20,000 prize money would have come in handy.

A letter from the Dalai Lama to GWB

A letter from the Dalai Lama to the American President.

Don’t miss: Explaining Arab anger

Don’t miss: Explaining Arab anger (BBC news).

The man standing beside me in the crowd was sobbing his heart out. Along with dozens of other people, his wife and children lay crushed beneath the rubble of the collapsed building we were looking at.

It had been brought down quite scientifically by two big explosions. The multi-storey apartment block was demolished because somebody thought Yasser Arafat was there. He wasn’t.

It was destroyed by two Israeli jets which flashed out of the sky on that Friday summer morning in Beirut during the Israeli siege of 1982.

Moulin Rouge — truly great

Just got back from seeing Moulin Rouge!. Absolutely fantastic – do not miss this movie! It’ll make you laugh! It’ll make you cry! It’ll make you groove! It’s got Kylie playing an absinthe-induced hallucination, it’s got Nicole Kidman in some incredible outfits, and it’s got more tunes than you could shake a stick at, lovingly crafted together into a gorgeous, fun, entrancing, and just all round thoroughly wonderful movie. I haven’t enjoyed a movie anywhere near this much since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – and I think I enjoyed this more. It’s such a rare film that makes me want to just sit there through the credits and soak up its last moments, and not miss anything, and this one did it. I’d recommend doing so, in fact, ‘cos there’s a nice little bit at the end of the credits and anyway the music’s cool. :-)

OK., enough raving. Time I went to bed. Night!

Getting started with LaTeX

LaTeX notes: Getting started with LaTeX, a LaTeX tutorial, simple usage notes and another tutorial, beginning LaTeX, etc.

Why the music industry sucks so much

Ever wondered why the music industry sucks so much? Why on any given day, Radio One plays the same six records over and over again? Well, Salon has feature on the situation in America, which of course influences us over here – check it out.

Security interview

OK, so this is lifted straight off of slashdot, but I found this interview (regarding security) quite interesting.

Don’t forget the pocket!

There’s loads of good stuff at Rebecca’s Pocket today, so I’m just gonna link through to there. :-)

Commondreams story

Don’t miss: http://www.commondreams.org/views01/0916-06.htm

1999 interview with Bin Laden

Very interesting reading: a 1999 interview with Osama bin Laden. And here’s a map to accompany it.

We’re in the minority, but we’re out there

We’re in the minority, but we’re out there.

Some thoughts on the WTC attack

I keep reading/hearing assertions that the WTC attack was “not an attack on America, but an attack on freedom, truth, democracy, etc. etc.”. I’d just like to state for the record that I don’t believe that, ie I think it was an attack primarily directed at America, and while we’re at it I’d like to say I don’t believe that America particularly stands for truth, freedom, or even democracy. Particularly truth. So I think I’m going to be finding the news singularly depressing over the next year or so, drenched as it will be in what seems to me to be absurd rhetoric. And that, as Forrest Gump would say, is all I’ve got to say about that – at least for now.

Nostradamus debunking is always fun

Cool – looks like the “Nostradamus prophecy” of Tuesday’s events was in fact made up by somebody seeking to debunk Nostradamus, some time ago. Search for “abstract” on this page.

Journalism isn’t about reporting the truth, silly

Did CNN use 1991 footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets?

911 in context

As we prepare for 3 minutes’ silence in reaction to Tuesday’s events, here is a thought-provoking article. Some snippets:

Two days earlier, eight people were killed in southern Iraq when British and American planes bombed civilian areas. To my knowledge, not a word appeared in the mainstream media in Britain.

In Palestine, the enduring illegal occupation by Israel would have collapsed long ago were it not for US backing.

Far from being the terrorists of the world, the Islamic peoples have been its victims – principally the victims of US fundamentalism, whose power, in all its forms, military, strategic and economic, is the greatest source of terrorism on earth. This fact is censored from the Western media, whose “coverage” at best minimises the culpability of imperial powers. Richard Falk, professor of international relations at Princeton, put it this way: “Western foreign policy is presented almost exclusively through a self-righteous, one-way legal/moral screen (with) positive images of Western values and innocence portrayed as threatened, validating a campaign of unrestricted political violence.”

That Tony Blair, whose government sells lethal weapons to Israel and has sprayed Iraq and Yugoslavia with cluster bombs and depleted uranium and was the greatest arms supplier to the genocidists in Indonesia, can be taken seriously when he now speaks about the “shame” of the “new evil of mass terrorism” says much about the censorship of our collective sense of how the world is managed.

I’d better stop now before I quote the whole article. Read it.

Some pretty amazing WTC photography

Given the choice between jumping into a river to save a drowning man, or taking a Pulitzer-prize winning photograph, what exposure and aperture would you use?.

WTC images from space

WTC images from space.

How good were the WTC pilots?

How good were the WTC pilots? (via Rebecca Blood).


HTML Tidy – decruft your Word->HTML converted documents. Cool.

Frequently updated snippets of WTC news

Frequently updated snippets of WTC news.

Stuff than sucks

These books suck and these films suck – apparently. :-)

Apologies for recent neglect of Gimboland

Apologies for neglect of Gimboland recently, I’ve been rather busy rebuilding my computer – getting it to boot Windows 2000 (spit spit spit) and Debian GNU/Linux (hurrah and huzzah). Getting sorted now (in fact I’m writing this entry from my spangly new desktop), so should be back. :-)

Linux Driver for SpeedTouch USB ADSL moden

Linux Driver for SpeedTouch USB ADSL Modem

It’s time.

britannica.com now useless

It is with regret that I note that britannica.com is now virtually useless without a paid subscription (and yet still fires adverts at you), so I guess it’s time to remove it from the sidebar. Pity. Still, these days the web itself is a pretty good encyclopaedia for most purposes, and there’s always wikipedia for the adventurous. :-)

Bob The Builder gets the finger

Well, that’s interesting… I’ve just read on popbitch that before exporting the cartoon to Japan, Bob The Builder‘s creators had to give him a fifth finger, so he would not be confused with the Yakuza – who chop one of their fingers off during initiation rites. :-)