Being John Malkovich original screenplay

Something I just found lying around my hard drive: the original screenplay of Being John Malkovich – complete with utterly mental alternative ending.

This is quite a bit darker than the movie, a bit more bizarre (as if that were possible), and some of the cut scenes are great (especially the “I’m a puppeteer” stuff near the start). Cool.

ZPT tutorial

Here’s a Zope Page Templates Tutorial for me to work through some time soon… (2001-07-09: The same thing on a single page).

Functional Programming In Python

Functional Programming In Python, parts one, two, and three.

Sad Wimbledon story

Now here’s a very sad story…

Must get to Wimbledon one year…

Mad About Aikido

Mad About Aikido, an aikido site built and maintained by Mark Hutchinson, who’s thrown me around a few times… :-) – search for images on the web. Very nice indeed!

Karl Popper, Hunter S Thompson, Helen Hunt, The Deep Field Image, and of course, Geri Halliwell Nude.

Great utility, think I’ll point a direct link to it over on the left…

I Can’t Stop Thinking!

I Can’t Stop Thinking!

The Hacker Tourist: Mother Earth Motherboard

I thougt this was in the archives, but as it isn’t, I’m reposting it…

The Hacker Tourist – a long (and to my mind, really great) article by Cyberpunk author Neal Stephenson whose centrepiece is a fibre-optic cable from Cornwall to Japan, but which takes in loads and loads of other interesting stuff along the way. If you want to learn something about how international telecoms really works, check this out…

(Oh, and if, like me, you didn’t know what a backhoe was, here’s one).

CIA lying? Surely not!

Is the CIA lying about its effectiveness against Islamic terrorists?

I expect so. :-)

AI movie reviews

Here’s a round-up of reviews of Spielberg’s new movie, A.I.. Most of them contain spoilers, and most of them are highly negative:

Moriarty at Aint-It-Cool pans it.

Shen at Aint-It-Cool really pans it.

David Ansen at Newsweek quite likes it.

David Denby at the New Yorker fairly pans it. (This link will be out of date soon, I’ll try to remember to find a more permanent one).

ZODB for python

More zope grooviness: ZODB for Python Programmers


g00g13! action figures action figures – including Michel Foucalt!

Keenly aware of the fluidity of social identities, this 6.5″ Michel Foucault waves his baton in poststructuralist style at all challenges. Shrouded in a special removeable French cloak and with a built-in thoughtful head movement, this superb action figure is essential for both professional philosophers and junior postmodernists.

How the fennec fox got so cute

Everyone get on over to Mr Pants right now and read the story of how the fennec fox got to be so cute.

Classic pants.

Megatokyo – strange but good

I don’t really grok Megatokyo, but I like it nonetheless..

Some more Zope stuff to check out

New Zope stuff to check out:

Zope Shortcut Product looks pretty cool. An mxDateTime-based implementaiton of Zope DateTime has gotta be a good thing. And I’d better show Iain this Zope helpdesk product? :-)

Passwordless login with SSH keys and agents

Tired of continually typing in your SSH passphrase? Sure you are! Well, never fear, help is at hand:

Using ssh-agent for SSH1 and OpenSSH, and Using ssh-agent with ssh1

Also, a nice introduction to ssh, and a ssh-agent tutorial. :-)

Red Hat/Gnome users: edit /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome, and replace:     exec /usr/bin/gnome-session --choose-session Nautilus with:     exec ssh-agent /usr/bin/gnome-session --choose-session Nautilus

then at the start of your session, use ssh-add to add keys to the agent, and hey presto. Of course, you have to do it each time you start a new X session, but that’s only fair, innit?

Ulysses For Dummies

Ulysses For Dummies

Multi-threading article

What looks like a very deep article on multi-threading, probably so deep I’ll never read it. ;-)

Extreme Ironing!

Extreme Ironing!

Reasonable explanation of byte order

Reasonable explanation of byte order here.

Freddie Mercury and his cats

Freddie Mercury and his cats – what a guy.

Scientology – not mental at all

Don’t miss paragraph 126 of this affadavit containing some mental, mental, mental scientology stuff, and nice juicy Tom Cruise mentions.

Welcome to t’internet, Mike and Claire

Yo Mike & Claire! Welcome to the internet!

Check it out: Jessie licking my head – eewww…

Update! :-) Craig suggested I do this! Also: Odin!).

What’s Gimbo been up to lately, then?

Bloody hell – what have I been doing for the last 10 days? It’s been a bit madcap to be honest… Had a well wicked birthday party at Pete’s place in Bristol, went to the Amnesty International Benefit, We Know Where You Live, Live (fantastic – don’t miss it when it’s on TV, this Saturday I believe), went shopping in London and on the London Eye, nearly made it to King Lear at The Globe, actually made it to The Mummy Returns at the Guildford Odeon, came back to Cardiff, Julie had her second interview at the RSPCA, went to aikido (yay!), had a curry, went to the Frontier company meeting, got smashed, went to Sam’s Bar, got more smashed, had a hangover, had a Thai, did a car boot sale in aid of my trek (38 quid – not bad), went for a walk in the Brecon Beacons with Malc The Guide, and watched Grosse Pointe Blank & Ike’s Wee-Wee.

Today I went to work. :-)

Really, it’s been mad… Oh yeah, and I failed to record either of the transmissions of that Pop Factory episode… Argle!

Love it.

The Stereo MPs

The Stereo MPs – absolutely fantastic.

And there was much rejoicing…

And there was much rejoicing…

Demon Internet doh

Demon Internet have a Webwatch-like finger daemon: but is that a good thing?

Felicity Kendall – mmmmm…

Felicity Kendall – mmmmm…

Great Steven Wright quote

I was drunk last night, crawled home across the lawn. By accident I put the car key in the door lock. The house started up. So I figured what the hell, and drove it around the block a few times. I thought I should go park it in the middle of the freeway and yell at everyone to get off my driveway.

Steven Wright

Snowball Earth

Snowball Earth – interesting because a) Julie told me about this theory a few weeks ago and it blew my mind, and b) I’m currently reading James Lovelock’s Gaia, and in the very first chapter he’s banging on about the impossibility of this having happened. :-)