Goldfrapp at Pop Factory

Big up thanks to the bass-matic Mr Gareth Evans, who took me and two other lucky fanboys to the filming of top Welsh TV pop-zine “The Pop Factory” (yowzers, kids!) at Porth last night. As promised, lots of standing around waiting for something to happen, interspersed with “spontaneous” applause orchestrated by some woman in headphones, and the occasional bit of music.

Which is, of course, why we went… Goldfrapp were there! Excuse me while I jump up and down excitedly at the memory that yes, there they were, not ten feet from my actual physical presence, performing Lovely Head and Utopia (twice each). Mmmmm…

The other bands were called Alfie and King Adora. Alfie were nice enough but only did one song, and King Adora are just formulaic guitar rockers dressed as Nicky Wire in his heyday – but the kids seemed to lap it up, bless them. My companions, being gentlemen of discernment and taste, all agreed that Goldfrapp ruled the roost.

The first thing they filmed was a link from Goldfrapp to Alfie. At that point we were still off guard, so Malc & me got hauled up to stand next to the presenters while they tried to remember their lines. We were told to look cool. Yeah, right… Anyway, should be interesting to see – big fame at last. I asked the girl I was stood next to how long she’d been presenting the show and she said this was her first time, she’d done some presenting on Disney and was really an actress. So imagine my surprise when I found out later on that she’s in “The Allstars” (cue universal cries of “who?”), who are on the show, co-presenting and promoting their video (heaven forbid that they actually perform live – if they could). They’re a Hear’Say-alike, basically – pretty young things being eaten up by the pop machine. Like, wow.

If anyone (ahem, Malcolm, ahem) wants to go see Goldfrapp perform in Birmingham on the 19th of June, you can order them from here.

Here’s a link to the Pop Factory website – but be warned, it is a famous victory of style over content, and if you’re using IE under Windows (you poor things) it’ll take over your entire screen – respect! Er, not.

Oh yeah, and the show airs next Wednesday night at 11:30 on S4C, apparently, repeated next Friday at 6:20pm.

Gimbo’s Gadgets

Gimbo’s Gadgets: “There is a fine line between madness and genius and Dr. Gimbo trips over it every day!”

How true, how true…

Notes on Zope’s acquisition

Cool notes on acquisition, which is heavily used by Zope. Well, “cool” if it’s possible for an object-oriented concept to be cool, anyway. Cool like mp3s, not cool like The Fonz, I guess. :-)

The Deep Range, Moby Dick, and assassinations

I’ve been reading Arthur C Clarke‘s The Deep Range for the past few days, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s made me want to read Moby Dick, so…

Moby Dick, Moby Dick, Moby Dick, Moby Dick Search

Also: Moby, moby, Moby Duck, Assassinations foretold in Moby Dick (but don’t miss the “note to the credulous” in the latter).

The Legacy of Destruction returns

I think it’s about time I put this picture up here again, it’s so fantastic:

The legacy of destruction begins

It’s from this Railgun Contruction Project site, which is pretty cool, in a geeky kinda way. :-)


pornolize is fairly cool. It’d be a hell of a lot cooler if it generated pages with URLs that you could actually bookmark, put in weblogs, etc. but hey, cluelessness abounds on the internet, innit?

Towel Day – a tribute to Douglas Adams

Towel Day – a tribute to Douglas Adams. Carry a towel with you on May 25th to commemorate the liff and work of a great man.

Pictures from a Goldfrapp concert in Stockholm

Pictures from a Goldfrapp concert in Stockholm here.

Goldfrapp in concert – woo!

The marvellous Julie took me to see the marvellous Goldfrapp at the marvellous Union Chapel in Islington last Friday – for which I love her dearly.

The venue’s incredible – it’s a working chapel so the seating is all pews, and stained glass windows for the lights to bounce off (Rich pointed out that it probably looked pretty cool from outside too).

As for the gig itself, well, definitely the best thing I’ve seen in a long while… Two encores, two standing ovations, a cover of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical”… What more could you ask for?

Oh yeah, but we nearly didn’t make it to this country’s fantastic rail system. Thanks, Thatcher.

Utopia single is out on June 4th (the day before my birthday!). Be there or be a 4-dimensional hypercube.

Zope ZODB corruption-recovery

Zope ZODB corruption-recovery: Tranalyzer and usage notes.

Suck my Fruity Nads

I just spotted some sweets in the local corner shop called “Fruity Nads”.

The sweets, not the shop.

Notes on SSL and Zope

Notes on SSL and Zope: Apache, ZServer, and SSL, Managing http/https URL Links (and SSLAbsoluteURL product), apache+mod_ssl+PCGI Virtual Serving, Run your Zope server with SSL support, Virtual Site Root product.

Many, many aikido links,

Many, many aikido links.

Also, Alexander Technique

Korean World Cup mascots

Korean World Cup mascots

There’s nothing really to say to that, is there?

Zope hotfixes

How-To: Extend Zope Dynamically with Hotfixes – nice.

ZShell, the Zope Shell – nice.

ZExternalNews Product – nice.

Zope’s nice.

Image of the day

Here’s a cool site… Image Of The Day – funky images and discussions thereof. Check it out…

Radio 4 – it’s great!

I’ve taken to listening to Radio 4 in the car on the way to work. It’s the only thing on at that time in the morning that I can bear to listen to…

Help. I’m 26 years old and I prefer Radio 4 to Radio 1. Must… Retain… Youth…

Holes in IIS

In case you missed it, there’s been a bit of a furore this week about a newly-discovered hole in Microsoft’s web server, IIS, which can be easily exploited to acquire complete control of the machine running the server. Nice!

But even better, Need To Know say:

Tempting to end with this *corker* of a story about the BBC’s IIS5 servers getting hacked using that new Microsoft Printer ‘xploit, and a false Hear’Say story put in its place. Of course, before we lift it wholesale from the Reg, maybe we should corroborate it a bit. Hmm. Doesn’t the BBC use a bastard hybrid of Apache on Solaris, with a smit of IIS4 on NT4? That’s odd – it appears to have disappeared from the Register’s easy-to-understand frontpage. Well, it must be true, because look, here’s the reputable Industry Standard running the same story almost verbatim. Surely they must have checked the details? Or even looked closely at the URL that got sent around from the “anonymous tipsters”: complete with peculiar at-symbol-followed by large number in the middle. Doh!

BBC Story – other recent obits: Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy

Register Story – or, just in case: NTK Copy

Standard Story – so who’s still at the Standard Europe anyway?

Love it!

Chicks in headphones

A whole page devoted to chicks in headphones – Fantastic! Check out the Sennheisers on her…

Aikido books

Bought a couple of aikido books at the weekend. Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere, and Angry White Pyjamas.

“Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere” is an introduction and guide to the martial art, covering its philosophy, history, theory of defence and attack, development exercises, and actual techniques. Very well written, and oodles of lovely illustrations – definitely pleased with this one. Aikiweb has two reviews, both glowing: one, two.

“Angry White Pyjamas” is one man’s account of his time on the year-long Tokyo Riot Police course in Yoshinkan Aikido – reputedly the toughest martial arts course in the world. I’m about a third of the way in, and it’s been a bit bemusing. I mean, it’s entertaining and very interesting, but his characterisation of aikido and its practitioners differs from everything else I’ve seen so far – basically everyone comes across as a psycho. ;-) Ahhh… interestingly, Aikiweb has four reviews of this book (more than any other), and they’re not particularly glowing: one, two, three, four. Anyway, glad I got it, ‘cos it’s interesting. :-)

More Zope stuff to check out

Recent Zope stuff I need to check out: best practice for advanced site setup, a quick and dirty search engine, and an article on Zope for the Perl/CGI programmer (which might be nice for other programmers to look at).