Latin pun from Frasier

Latin pun from Frasier:

Semper ubi sub ubi

(Always wear underwear). Excuse the spelling! :-)

Zope Book excerpt

From The Zope Book:

Zope has grown and is now a very popular open source application server. At the time of this writing there are 10,500 members, 2,700 Zope mailing list subscribers with 2,500 messages a month, 2.5 million page views a month, and 87,000 Zope downloads so far this year. Zope has emerged as Python’s killer application.


How to stop having mistakes

Spotted on the Zope mailing list:

It’s easy to stop making mistakes: just stop having ideas.

Zope articles

Zope article.

And another (very enthusiastic).

Here’s the FAQ.

Here’s some notes on RDF support, for later reading.

And yea, I thought I told asked you to mow the heavens

And yea, I thought I asked you to mow the heavens..

It seems that most of my Gimboland entries lately are comic strips… What does this say about the great uses to which I am applying my vast intellect?

All your base are belong to us!

All your base are belong to us!

One big lollipop

The entity marked B-15A in this picture is, as you can probably guess, an iceberg.

A 90-by-20 mile iceberg, in fact.

Bloody hell.

(Thank you, tbtf).

Updated 2004/12/15 as the picture link was dead. Now replaced with one showing B-15 splitting into B-15A and B-15B. See also here.


OK, so I haven’t posted to Gimboland for days now. What can I say? I’m SORRY!

Now, on with the show…

My feet hurt…


Garfield’s usually pretty rubbish, imho.

Garfield’s usually pretty rubbish, imho.

But not today!

B-movie idea

Idea for a B-movie, 2050: Attack Of The Mutant Spidergoats.

A crash course in the mathematics of infinite sets

Fantastic! A Crash Course In The Mathematics Of Infinite Sets.

I love this stuff. It’s so barmy.

Since when did ignorance become a point of view?

Dilbert quote:

Since when did ignorance become a point of view?

Slashdot story generator

Another great one from Bifurcated Rivets: the Slashdot Story Generator.

Reefer Girl and the Swamp Women

Let’s hear it for Reefer Girl, Swamp Women, LSD Lusters, and of course, the unforgettable Forgotten Women

Much kudos to Bifurcated Rivets for the link…

Ariel Sharon on Counterpunch

Today’s Counterpunch has some interesting things to say about Ariel Sharon…

USA shot down Iranian civilian airbus in 1988

I think my favourite part of this article is the following:

The Iranians had a clear motive for an attack on an American airliner, following the destruction of an Iranian airbus over the Persian Gulf carrying 290 passengers, including 66 children, on July 3, 1988. The U.S. Navy missile cruiser Vincennes had casually blown it out of the sky despite clear indications that it was a civilian plane. Afterward, the U.S. Navy concealed the fact that the Vincennes had been in Iranian territorial waters at the time, refused to admit error or pay compensation, and handed out medals to the ship’s officers for heroism in combat.

God bless America.

Ack, Mikie didn’t make it…

Ack, Mikie didn’t make it… Apparently he was about a second behind on one of the “fastest finger first” rounds. :-(

Don’t know any more than that right now, except that they had a fun day anyway. I think he’s determined to try again too, and I suppose I’ll have to have a go now too. Sigh… :-)

Party party party!

Party party party!

Moving to

Thinking (already) about transferring this blog to my space on Frontier’s web servers ( Of course, that’s not a very snappy URL, but OTOH I have registered, so I could just hook that up to it. It’s about time, really…

Ho hum, hurdy ho, etc.

Brother Mike to appear on Millionaire

My eldest brother, Mike, is going to be on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”!!! They’re filming tomorrow, and it’ll be shown near the end of month, about the 24th. Go Mikie!

To get from the last 100 into the last 10 for the show, he had to answer, in ten seconds, the following question: “How many days into a leap year is bonfire night?”. The answer’s about 311 (depending on how you define your fenceposts), and he said 320. This was, apparently, the second best answer. Mental. :-)

So good luck Mike, 7pm to 10pm tomorrow night (Wednesday)!

Legacy of destruction

I love this picture – so geeky. I’m not sure which guy has the more amusing face… Comedy goatee & bandana is good, but oooh, comedy Hunter S. Thompson/Simon Hopper impersonation is a winner too. Such a tough choice.

In case you’re interested, here’s the page it came from… :-)

Depleted uranium weapons: surely a stupid idea?

What I want to know is, whose stupid idea was it to use depleted uranium in weapons? I mean, come on, how is that not a crime against humanity?

Dave wins

Mr David Dickinson has the pleasure of being the first member of the public to view gimboland. Go go Dave!


Love it… /dev/bollocks, a kernel module for producing middle-management bollockspeak.

Gimboland hits the airwaves

I’ve been maintaining a blog called Gimboland on a server at work for about three months now, but it’s only visible to my colleagues… Since it contains work-related stuff that’s probably just as well, but there’s other stuff going in there which I’d like to make public.

So thank you, Tasty Bits From The Technology Front, for telling me about Blogger. :-)